What is an Honesty Circle? 

An Honesty Circle is a safe space that brings people together to have a truthful dialogue about money. By listening deeply and sharing stories, a collective wisdom emerges, and we become more aware of our innermost ideas about money that are hidden in our unconscious and secretly rule our lives. 

By being willing to be seen, we embark on a journey of friendship and self-discovery, holding each other accountable to small steps that build towards our financial freedom and a healthy relationship with money. 

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How did Honesty Circles begin? 

Honesty Circles started as a way for the PlayMoolah team to talk about money in a deep and vulnerable way, to connect in friendship and journey together as we serve others. Slowly many others started to join in, and circles started sprouting up all over the world! 

We discovered that people all over the world were hungry to have the intimate conversations about money that they were afraid to reveal, even to their loved ones. Circles are a powerful format for healing, and an empowering process that can transform our identity relating to money. It also builds a social support structure that allows complete strangers to encourage and motivate each other. 

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